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We believe that investment management is perceived as some overly complicated thing in one’s life. We strive to help make a client’s portfolio easily understandable to each client and as transparent as possible. By keeping each client’s costs low and maximizing our tax efficiency, we help clients to achieve better investment returns in the long run.

Why an Investment Advisor?

There is one thing certain to be said about investing: markets can be very uncertain. Most investors have neither the knowledge, time, nor patience to guide their investments. Davis Private Wealth is here to guide our clients through the turbulent times that inevitably arise with holding investments. Hiring a qualified investment advisor can assist clients to stay focused on the long term. Many investors try to make money quickly, but investing is a long-term endeavor that can produce financial independence after many years of patience.

Our Approach to Investment Management

Low costs

Most of the investments we purchase have no transaction costs and have extremely low underlying fund costs. Research shows that by compounding cost savings over many years a client’s bottom line can be much higher.


Our firm’s fees are taken directly out of clients’ brokerage accounts. Each quarter clients can see our fees directly on their statements.


We make sure that all clients are diversified across multiple asset classes. We do this to manage the risk of the portfolio and to provide exposure to different assets.


With every client, we take a long-term time horizon approach. We don’t invest for high monthly returns, but instead for consistent 5, 10, and 20 year compounded returns.

Fee Schedule

  • $0 - $500,000
  • $1.25%Annual Advisory Fee
  • $500,001 - $3,000,000
  • $0.80%Annual Advisory Fee
  • $3,000,001+
  • $0.60%Annual Advisory Fee

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