Fee-Only vs. Fee-Based Financial Advice


Financial Advisors that are Fee-Only are paid directly for their services by their clients. They can be paid either as a percentage of assets they manage, a fixed planning fee, or hourly fees. Fee-Only planners are only paid from their clients. They can charge a one-time fee or an ongoing fee for their services.

Fee-Only advisors have fewer conflicts of interest because they are only paid by the client and their interests are aligned with the client. They only worry about the client’s needs as a result. Fee-Only advisors cannot accept any compensation because of product sales and therefore makes working with them more transparent for clients.



Fee-Based financial planning may sound like Fee-Only but is significantly different. The main difference is that Fee-Based advisors can accept commissions from financial products, annuities, and insurance products that they sell their clients. There tend to be a lot of conflicts of interest for the financial advisor. Fee-Based advisors may do some fixed fee planning but also sell commission-based products alongside the planning fee. There tends to be less transparency with Fee-Based advice.


*Davis Private Wealth is a Fee Only Financial Planning firm in Wellington, Florida. As a Registered Investment Advisory firm, we have a fiduciary duty to all of our clients.

New Amazon Prime Credit Card!

As I have been meeting with clients lately, I have continuously brought up the Amazon Prime Credit Card that I recently signed up for. I feel that the benefits of this card are fantastic and worth sharing. If you shop at Amazon and/or Wholefoods a significant amount, then you would benefit the most from this card.

Here are some of the benefits of using this card:

5% back on purchases at Whole Foods and Amazon (3% if you don’t have Amazon Prime)

2% back on purchases at restaurants, gas stations, and drugstores

1% on all other purchases

No foreign transaction fees

Here is a link to all the card benefits on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/b/?ie=UTF8&node=16070413011

I’m anticipating that our family will spend around $12,000 this year at Whole Foods (since this is Melissa’s favorite grocery store😊). So, with 5% cash back we will get back $600 each year versus the 1% we were getting on our previous card. Of course, I advise that you pay off any credit card balances each month.


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Wellington History – A Wealth Management firm in Wellington Florida

Wellington was once all swampland. Things got started in the 1950s when Charles Oliver Wellington, a successful accountant from Massachusetts who graduated from Harvard acquired 18,000 acres of swampland. Mr. Wellington named the land south of Southern Boulevard, and west of 441 “Flying Cow Ranch.” C.O.W. were his initials, and “flying” as he was an aviator. There was even once a landing strip for Wellington’s planes at Flying Cow Ranch Road.

Soon after, legislation was passed by the State of Florida to create the Acme Drainage District. This was designed, in 1953, to provide drainage and flooding measures to make the land more accessible for farming. This would later transform into the Acme Improvement District, adding parks and recreation to its duties.

In the 1960’s parts of Flying Cow Ranch were sold or leased to farmers. 2,000 acres soon became devoted to strawberry patches, even claimed to be the world’s largest strawberry patch. In 1953, there was recorded to be only 100 people residing in Wellington. However, it soon became one of the quickest growing areas in Florida, expanding residential areas, as well as service industries.

Major construction began when 7,200 acres of land were sold from the ranch to the Investment Corporation of Florida (ICOF) in 1972. Another developing company, Alcoa Florida joined ICOF to develop a golf course, the 150 acres Lake Wellington, and the Wellington Club. Next, Gould Florida bought out the project and added the Palm Beach Polo and Country Club, as the chairman of Gould Inc., William Yilvisaker was an active polo player. These developments would have lasting impressions on the culture of Wellington, as it is widely known that Wellington is an international hot spot for Equestrian sports.

Officially, the Village of Wellington was created on December 31st, 1995, and act inspired by a group of zealous Wellington residents that was necessary in order to qualify for state funds. Today, the Village is home to nearly 50,000 residents, offering a unique identity as a home for equestrian, golf, polo, aviation, and more. Wellington offers a friendly charm, full of beautiful neighborhoods, and boasts 11 A-rated Palm Beach County schools. The Village of Wellington’s history is far from complete, as it continues to steadily grow today.

Our firm, Davis Private Wealth, is happy to be located in such a great community as Wellington. We pride ourselves in being one of the premier Wealth Management firms in the Wellington area and all of South Florida. Located right on 441 we are in a great central location with easy access from the turnpike.